24 Best Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Work in 2020

So your office is celebrating Halloween, but you don’t even know what to dress up like? At the workplace, Halloween costumes can be tricky— you never know if your friends are going to flake or go all out, and you have to be careful about what’s right.

Even if the organization is encouraging workers to dress up on Halloween, this doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a creative, comfortable costume. However, playing it safe with a work-friendly Halloween costume doesn’t mean the look has to be cliché or dull.

Consider these brilliant work-appropriate Halloween costume ideas, perfect for men and women of any age, if you want to steal the show.

Whether you have a reputation as an office jokester or the one known to slip through the snack table on the floor a little too often, these DIY and store-bought costumes will make your personality in the workplace even brighter.

But if you are on a tight deadline, investigating your options could be a smart idea. The best choice last-minute Halloween costumes you can throw in your closet along with things you already have.

Best Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Work: Classics Halloween Costumes

Best Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Work

1. Witch

A witch is a classic costume for Halloween — and a simple one for the workplace. You can, of course, go out with black spider storage, black dress, bat and spider jewelry, and a hat. Or you can wear it all black to the office, put it on a witch hat and call it a day.

2. Skeleton

A skeleton is a traditional costume, but with it, you can become creative and make it special. There are plenty of one-piece skeletons out there, as well as two-piece skeletons, and even knee-high socks and tights. But with the face paint comes real imagination.

There are plenty of YouTube DIY skeleton face paint videos out there, like this one; you can also buy facial adhesives and temporary tattoos from just about any Halloween store.

3. Vampire

A vampire may be one of the best costumes for Halloween because you can dress in plain clothes (or go all out — it’s up to you!).

All you need are some fangs, and some fake blood dribbled from the corners of your mouth to make a vampire costume full.

You can buy fangs that melt and mold on your teeth like mouth guards, making them easier to talk to and eat with, or you can buy a mouth implant that you can easily take out. And you could apply blood to your mouth with red face paint or by popping a fake blood capsule.

4. Scarecrow

Sure, the most comfortable costume to wear in the office all day may not be a scarecrow, but it is a classic costume.

You can buy a scarecrow outfit online or in shops, or just put some patched up clothes (or just some old denim overalls with a flannel), have a straw hat as well as stuff some straw into your sleeves and trousers to make it yourself.

5. Zombie

Most likely, a zombie will wear plain clothes because, well, zombies once were human. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you split in lots of fake blood.

The important aspect of a zombie outfit is the face makeup, too— you’re going to want a white, ghostly face with black circles around your eyes and lots of fake blood around your mouth. You may even want to go outside and get some

Superheroes Inspired Halloween Costumes for Work

Superwoman costume
Credits: Shopee

6. Superwoman

There are plenty of superhero costumes out there, but there are none more popular than superwoman. A variety of superwoman outfits are sure to be found appropriate for the workplace. You can wear a T-shirt for a superwoman too.

7. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman costumes have been all the rage since the movie came out last year, and they’re sure to be a success once again this year.

You’ll be sure to find a lot of Wonder Woman costumes hanging on the shelves of every costume store during Halloween, but you might be hard-pressed to find one that’s perfect for the office— you might have to make some changes for a pant-version of this one.

8. Batwoman

Costumes from Batwoman are everywhere, again. Even if your office on Halloween doesn’t go all out, you can dress in all the black and just wear the Batwoman mask. This way, if you are uncomfortable, it is an easy costume you can take off.

9. Poison Ivy

In stores and online, there’s a whole variety of Ivy costumes, but you’ll need to select the one you can wear to the workplace.

Using temporary dye or wearing a wig, you can quickly paint your hair red, and wear your favorite office-appropriate green dress paired using green stockings. You might want to get a green leaf boa of sorts, too.

10. Spiderwoman

Spiderwoman costumes are one thing, and you can find them in stores and online with ease. Through dressing red and blue, adding the eye mask, and having a Spidey-style web shooter to wear around your wrist, you can make your own Spiderwoman outfit.

Well, you shouldn’t go around squirting your colleague’s spiderwebs, but that depends on the workplace in which you are.

Best Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Work: Medieval

11. Renaissance woman

Renaissance costumes exist in stores and online. If you have an office that wants to go all out, because the dresses are intricate, this is a great choice. You may just feel uncomfortable all day in a corset.

12. Knight

Do you want to be a knight? Get yourself a fake sword and shield on a silver costume. You’ll have tons of online and in-store options.

13. Warrior

You can easily find a warrior outfit online and in stores like a knight, and you will need a fake sword and shield. You could want a cape too. Mostly you can hide all day from work.

14. Empress

An Empress is a woman who is a great power and rank sovereign ruler — especially one who ruled an empire. So if you’re going to rule your Halloween office, this might be your costume. You are going to wear a medieval dress and a headband for the empress.

15. Queen

Like an empress, a queen costume will rule over everything. You’re going to want to put on an extravagant dress and crown, or just the crown if you’re looking for the quick and easy stuff.

Decades Halloween Customs Ideas for Workplace

Best Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Work

16. The ’20s

Be a flapper, like the 920s, where a young woman with bobbed hair and lots of sequins, tassels, and pearls. As you can certainly find readily available flapper costumes, they’re pretty easy to come up with. Just get a gown, a wig, and a fake cigar, and you’re golden.

17. The ’50s

The 1950s was a period of pin-up and poodle girls wearing dirndl tops, bouffant hairstyles, and saddle-shoe bobby socks. You could buy tons of ‘ 50s costumes. But most of what you need is probably found in your wardrobe.

18. The ’70s

The ‘ 70s was a generation of hippies. Colorful round glasses and a flower-power dress or bell bottoms are easy to find in stores. Make sure you throw a peace sign to your coworkers as you go into work.

19. The ’80s

Think Bright colors, moist hands, fingerless gloves, elastic stirrup pants, and oversized tops. You may find everything you need in any regular shopping store for your 80s costume, but you can buy one in costume stores as well. No matter what you wear, make sure you tease your hair.

20. The ’90s

Flared denim jeans, plaid school-girl dresses, crop tops, choker necklaces, hoop earrings, scrunchies, slip sandals, and high-top sneakers were a phenomenon of the’ ’90s. The good news is that most of this has made a comeback in recent years— meaning there are plenty of clothes and accessories available in daily shops in the ’90s. Only make sure you’re wearing your hair in a side ponytail to make it a bit easier than you’re in costume.

Other Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Workplace

Best Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Work

21. Dog

Get some listening ears. Have one tail for yourself. Wear all black (or all brown or white). And put some puppy dog eyes on your nose.

22. Referee

There are lots of online and in-store referee costumes, and they’re super easy for the workplace. All you need to do is wear a T-shirt with a referee and some black pants. Place a whistle around your neck, and you are going to call all the shots.

23. Boxer

Wear some workout clothes and put on a silk robe. Then throw your boxing gloves in on a sweatband. Sure, with the gloves on, you’re not going to be able to type — or do much of anything — but you’re going to look at the part, and you can always take them off.

24. Racecar Driver

You may wish to get you a racecar driver costume. When you go online, you will find varieties of one piece Halloween costumes you can wear to your workplace. You can wear them along with a racecar hat as well as a checkered flag.


Don’t fail to celebrate Halloween despite the fact you are required to go to your workplace. You can draw ideas on what to wear from various occasions and animals. The above best appropriate Halloween costumes for work ideas will make you have a wonderful Halloween day at your workplace.