Top 5 Best Coding Keyboard for Coders in 2020 (Reviewed)

Coders and programmers spend their days sitting in front of a laptop or computer screen, coding and designing programs. Coding Keyboard is one of the most important equipment for coders because this is how they get their jobs done.

It is not possible for coders to just choose any random keyboard, like the ones people use for daily work, and start coding with those. They require a keyboard which gets the job done easily and quickly.

Coders need a keyboard on which they can work on for hours, in fact all day, without hurting their fingers. One of the best keyboards for coders is the one which makes the use of mouse minimal. If you are a coder yourself, then you will know how important it is to invest in a good keyboard.

If the keyboard itself is not of good quality and is not fast, then it will impact your entire performance. Coding itself is a hectic job and not having the right tools will turn it into a dreadful experience

Overview: Best Coding Keyboard for Coders





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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

Top Pick

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

Comes with split key set, Palm rest made of cushion, Number pad is separate


Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

Very compact, Keys made of PBT, so they will never wear off, Has an option of dip switches


Logitech Ergo Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

It has a curve design, Very comfortable to type on, Wireless


Cooler Master Master Keys Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master Master Keys

Portable , Very comfortable, Has back lightning


Corsair Platinum Xt Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Every key has a led back light, Has macro keys, Has detachable palm rest made of leather


Top 5 Best Coding Keyboard for Coders in 2020

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic wireless keyboard is one of the best keyboards out there for coders, it is not only less complicated but also very cheap as compared to other code. Many other keyboards are also well recommended when it comes to coding keyboards for coders but they tend to be super expensive and slightly more complicated.

As the coders work all day long, focusing on minor details of the programming, it is natural to feel pain in the fingers due to constant use of keyboard and wrist. So, to bring ease to the typing position, this coding keyboard separates the keys into two different portions.

The reason behind this design is that the coders and programmers can use the keyboard in a more natural position without tiring their wrist and hands. Once you practice typing on this, you will eventually get used to it and realize how convenient it is.

Apart from this, it also has a negative tilt which is way different from other keyboards. It might seem unusual but once you start using it you, will realize how comfortable it is. It also has a palm rest which connects with the keyboard through a magnet.

The palm rest is padded to make sure that the wrist does not hurt after using it for too long. You can easily snap off the palm rest if you want to work while keeping the keyboard on your lap.

The negative tilt can also be adjusted according to the coder’s suitability. Even the keys of this keyboard are slightly bigger than the normal ones so that typing can be easy, fast and error free. 

One very lovable feature about this keyboard is that the numlock pad is completely separate from the keyboard. It is not attached so you can easily place it near to your fingers so that you can reach it easily.  


  • A very comfortable design
  • Separate number keys
  • Tilt can be adjusted
  • Magnetic and padded palm rest


  • Different from other keyboards so takes time to get used to it
Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

Happy hacking keyboard professional 2 is designed by taking the minimal approach. Nothing fancy or extravagant about the design of this keyboard however it works really well for the coders. It is very compact so you do not have to worry about it taking a lot of space on your workplace.

In normal keyboards, the hardest part for coders is to reach the numlock keys because the hand position gets abnormal. In this keyboard the number lock keys are situated above, making it easy to navigate.

It might seem small and compact but they keys are still slightly larger so that the coders and programmers can code easily and, in an error free manner. The response of the keys is also very instant, so as soon as you type, the response occurs instantly too. The keys are not very loud either. 

However, it might look simple and easy to use but even this keyboard requires practice. Mainly because the keys are placed in different positions like, the tab button is replaced by the Ctrl button. The keyboard does not have the option of backspace, instead delete is the only key used.

One very attractive feature of this keyboard is that it has dip switches. The dip switches allow to modify or assign different functions to different keys. There is a complete guide given with the keyboard and at the bottom it states which key is used for which function and how dip switches work and for which keys.

The keys are also made from PBT, this tells us that the number or alphabets printed on each key will never wear off, no matter how much the keyboard is used. It will be loved by those who love everything in black as the keyboard is of black color with matte black keys. 


  • Very compact
  • Numlock key on the top
  • Has dip switches


  • Does not have a space bar
  • Does not have arrow keys
Logitech Ergo Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech ergo wireless ergonomic keyboard is designed in a curve shape and is very convenient for coders. It is designed in such a way in order to provide the coders and programmers a comfortable and natural position to keep their hands and wrist at.

It is different from other keyboards that is why it also requires a lot of practice to get used to. It will provide the coders with a very good and easy coding experience because of its ergonomic design. It is also designed by keeping the minimalistic approach in mind as it is not at all fancy looking.

However, it might look simple, but it is strong and cannot break easily. It also comes with a palm or wrist rest, which can be attached or detached according to the mood of the coder.

The wireless keyboard can be easily connected with the computer through Bluetooth. One amazing feature about this coding keyboard is that while it is wireless, it can be connected to three devices at one time.


  • It is wireless
  • It also has a curved design
  • The palm rest is adjustable
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Has a learning curve
  • Does not have backlighting
Cooler Master Master Keys Mechanical Keyboard

If you are wondering what is all the fuss about a mechanical keyboard, well we are here to explain it to you. Cooler master master keys mechanical keyboard is very apt for coders. It does not only make coding easy but also comfortable.

They do not have numlock keys, so the keyboard itself is compact and smaller in size. Which is great for saving space on the workstation. Due to the absence of numlock key, it gets easier to use the mouse.

This keyboard has mechanical keys which makes typing very easy and simple. You do not need to use a lot of force. For those who are fast typers, this keyboard is perfect because of its effortless keys. A slight tap on the keys will get you the response.


  • Has LED lights on the keys
  • Very compact
  • Keys do not require force taps
  • Strong in built


  • Does not have a numlock
  • It is not completely wireless
Corsair Platinum Xt Mechanical Keyboard

The corsair platinum XT mechanical Keyboard is also one of the very popular coding keyboards for coders. It has a very strong structure and has led lights at the back of every key.

It also comes with an attachable palm rest which is made of leather to provide a comfortable position for your hands. 


  • It has macro keys
  • The design itself is very nice
  • Led lights at the back of each key


  • Not compatible with all kinds of softwares

Final Words

All in all, it is very important for coders to have the right keyboard, which will not only make their jobs easy and simple but it will also make them stay at the top of their game.

For coders, they have seen significantly good and improved changes in their work after being equipped with the right keyboard, which is good in quality, fast, simple and does not give a hard time to them while they are programming.

In my opinion, my personal favorite out of the above 5 is, MICROSOFT SCULPT ERGONOMIC WIRELESS KEYBOARD. It is very efficient and the design is a cherry on the top. It makes it very convenient and easy for the coders to spend long hours typing without getting tired. 

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