9 Standing Desk Exercises to Do at Your Workplace

For what we all suspected was real, the scientific evidence is: sitting too long is a major health threat. Research has revealed prolonged sitting messes with your metabolism over the last decade, accelerates obesity, increases lifestyle-related illness, and can potentially shorten your life span.

That’s why more office workers choose to buy a flexible sitting to a standing desk, allowing for a broader range of movement throughout the working day. Sit/stand desks give your essential work a better focus and efficiency, as well as the ability to remain healthy and fit.

Finding time for exercise during the workweek is a challenge. After a long day at the office, the errands and delays in traffic leave us exhausted and uninterested in hitting the gym or walking.

And most office workers feel tied to their desks during the working day, afraid their activity would make them miss out on a significant email or phone call.

Standing Desk Exercises

Research suggests that even the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day can’t counter chronic sitting problems. Save your health— by going with the ten simple office exercises and desk exercises at Standing-up Desk Store during your working day.

9 Best Standing Desk Exercises Anyone Can Do at Work

1. Gluteal Squeeze 

If you have your sit-stand desk at your office, where a lot of other people are also working, you will probably feel strange doing exercises while you are working.

First of all, you must know that if you want to do these exercises correctly, you will need to get over this. The more complex the workout is, and the more activity it requires, the better it actually will be for you.

If it is difficult to start doing them and feel embarrassed, though, you can always start small and get used to it over time.

For example, the best thing to do is a gluteal pinch. This exercise is straightforward and simple, but most importantly, unnoticeable. All you need to do is contract the muscles on your ass and keep them tight for about three seconds.

You relax after that for two or three seconds and do it again. You can repeat the process many times, or run multiple sessions during one day of work. Check the video below for guidance on specifics, if you still find it difficult to understand. 

With time, you’ll begin to get a firmer and stronger backside, and your colleagues won’t even notice you’ve built it at work.

Bonus tip: tell them what you did when your coworkers started noticing your behind. Trust me; they’re bound to love it as they learn how simple and useful it is, and begin to do it on their own. This can also prove to be a great conversation piece and want you to begin doing more challenging exercises at your stand-up desk.

2. Squats 

Standing Desk Exercises Squats
Credits: standupdeskstore.com

Squats are one of the most famous exercises that you can do in any exercise and essentially on any occasion.

When it comes to your sit-stand desk, the good thing about them is that they’re truly perfect here. For example, you can continue reading your emails while you’re doing some squats.

But you’ve got to do them properly to get the best effect. Start by straightening the back and the head.

Extend your arms and, when necessary, use the edge of your desk for support. Start to do the squats off your knees by bending them first as you start to go down. You will start going up again when your thighs are parallel to the floor.

The objective here is to do them slowly and steadily, never altering the body’s overall position and holding all the muscles you use strong and solid.

Do several squats every once in a while in a row and begin to increase their number per session as you get stronger, and the squats become easier.

And, who knows, you might even inspire your colleagues to do the same and continue to get healthier just like you are.

3. Leg extensions 

You’re just wasting your legs when you’re sitting there for no reason. They’re even wasting when you’re standing up because you put a lot of pressure on them. The alternative here is either to use them or to do some exercises focussing on your legs.

The leg extensions are certainly one of the best exercises for your body. They’re pretty simple to do; you need to sit in your chair and then start by extending one of your legs to the hip level and keeping it as long as possible in that position.

You then have to do the same with the other leg. You can also repeat this process as many times as you wish.

4. Abdominal Curls 

You can use the full potential of your sit-stand desk to do this standing desk exercise while sitting as well as while standing.

The trick to doing this exercise is keeping the upper body straight. Cross your hands over your chest, then continue this standing desk exercise by firmly gripping your abs and then curling down your arms.

Hold on this position for a couple of seconds and then go back to the original position. Then you have to repeat the cycle as many times as you like.

5. Walking


It’s always suggested to walk when using a stand-up desk. It helps ease the strain that is inflicted on your legs by standing for an extended period in one position.

But you can probably guess that even without your gym’s moving track, you can walk in one spot. Cardio can never hurt, either. You can also sprint and do some hops while walking in position. The thing is, the higher your knees are going, the stronger the burn, and the greater the overall effect!

You can burn up more than 200 calories per hour by walking or marching in a position next to your desk, according to several publications. That is certainly not a small number of one-hour calories.

6. Calf Raises

Not every workout with the legs can have a strong effect on your calves; you need to do some exercise that specifically targets them as it does with calf raises.

They’re nice and easy to do while standing next to your height adjustable standing desk because you won’t have to move a lot, and you’ll be able to keep looking at your monitor without interruption.

The calf raising process is pretty straightforward. A few inches from the ground, you need to lift your heels and hold the pose for some seconds, then return to the starting spot.

Do this fairly with both your hands. You can also hang onto your standing desk for support and balance whenever you need it.

7. Hamstring Curls

Hamstring Curls
Credits: freudenthalhh.com

Doing hamstring curls doesn’t allow you to be an athlete. They’re relatively easy and good for your legs. It can help strengthen the hamstrings, the areas of the leg that are most vulnerable to sports-related injuries of all kinds.

This can be achieved by using a chair, or even better, by using your stand-up desk to hang on to and keep your balance.

Begin by holding onto the desk and raising one foot to your rear and then lowering it down. Repeat for ten reps or more, then move to the other leg and do the same. You have to keep your body straight and strong, all the while.

8. Standing Desk Pushups

Credits: athleta.net

Pushups are the center of many exercises and are of great use to the upper body and legs. When it comes to the workplace, the issue with them is that the floor is most likely dusty. Luckily, you can avoid it altogether and use your desk as a sit-stand.

Grab onto your standing desk and assume a position similar to that of standard pushups; the only difference now is that you are not in a horizontal position entirely. Then do the pushups as you would usually do.

9. Side Lunges at a Standing Desk

Standing Desk Exercises Lunges
Credits: Gethealtyu.com

Yeah, most definitely, you will. Next to your height adjustable standing desk, you can also do side lungs, without any problem.

Yet to get the best effect, you need to do them properly. This is because the side lungs will impact various parts of your body when done correctly, such as the outer thighs and glutes.

Start the side lungs by standing in parallel with your feet, just hip-width apart. The start steps to the side and straightens one leg while bending the other.

Hold the position for a couple of seconds, and then go down. Repeat the process to the other side and proceed to switch the sides while doing this exercise for as long as you wish.


There is plenty of standing desk movements you can do next to your motorized desk, as you can see. Most of them won’t even change too much of your work habits and will certainly give you a lot of benefits.

For one, if you aren’t already fit, you’ll start getting fit. Fourth, you can stop sitting or standing for long periods, both of which can worsen your overall health problems over time. Third, while you’re working, you’ll start to feel better, more confident, and happier.

Looking at all these advantages, you begin to realize that doing some standing desk exercises every day can certainly be beneficial.

Moreover, you will finally start to have that minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity that the World Health Organization continues to recommend to all adults.