What Is a Floating Holiday? (+How It’s Different From PTO)

When you work in an organization you put all your effort to meet the company’s goal and objectives. You work day and night to meet the organization’s demand. For that sometimes you have to work overtime or put some extra leisure days as working days.

If you are an employee who is devoted to their work sometimes overworking can be a burden for you. You make sure that your personal life is separated from your professional one. As an employee, you work day and night to secure your job. You make sure there is not any loophole and your hard work pays off.

Unfortunately, working consecutively in an organization can make you feel exhausted. You don’t have time to think about yourself anymore. Sometimes you get too busy in your work that you forget you are a human too.

Here comes the part that does your organization care for its employees? Do organizations believe that working all the time can make your exhaust and tired? 

When Organization Gives You a Break

In this era, we can surely say that most of the organizations do not have the policy for the leisure time of its employees. Sometimes the organization becomes too hard for its employees. This is the reason for burnout.

As an employee, you have to keep in notice different polices of the organization before you take a day off from them. Many of the employees can’t take a day off because they are afraid that their salaries will be deducted or they will get fired. However, all these issues are true and real. On the other hand, many organizations take care of their employees. 

How an Organization Takes Care of Its Employees?

There can be many ways through which an organization can get flexible with its employees. Different organizations have different policies. All around the world the businesses are keeping their standards by because of how much well-known they are in society.

Different ways are being adopted by the organization to give some leniency to its employees. Some of them give the employees additional perks, some take their employees on a vacation, some give them health insurance, etc. However, the one thing that is not so common but still being given by the organization is a floating holiday.

What Is A Floating Holiday?

Understanding the concept of a floating holiday is quite simple. It is nothing too complicated. A floating holiday is a perk or a benefit given by the organization to its employees. It is something which is an addition other than PTO which stands for Paid Time Off.

Most of the organizations have allotted days which they declare as an off for the whole organization. However, a floating holiday is other than that. Let’s understand the concept of what is a floating holiday. It is an additional day off in which an employee can take one or two days off from its office. It is a kind of break given by the employer to its employees. 

Understanding the Floating Holiday in Detail

A floating holiday cannot be taken on to the next year. You can consume this holiday on any day of the year. Companies grant off on different occasions. These occasions can be Christmas, holidays, normal day-offs, etc.

An employee can use a floating holiday as his time. It is one of the concepts that are present around many years among us but unfortunately, employees and employers don’t give it much attention. This is the most untouchable topic in the corporate sector.

A Part of a Benefit Package

Floating holidays are given to the employees as soon as they join the company. These holidays cannot be cashed out when it comes to the end of the year or even when an employee decides that he has to leave a company. It is a kind of personal day for an employee.

How a Floating Holiday Is Useful For An Employee?

There can be various reasons why a floating holiday can be useful for employees. In the busy schedule, a person needs time and a day off. The leisure time is not for sitting at home and doing or sleeping the whole day. It is about taking a step back and relaxing your mind. An employee is continuously using his mind when he is in an office. A day where he let go of all the worries and unwind. 

Why Companies Don’t Care About Floating Holidays?

If the company is giving ample vacations to its employee the employer then believes that a day off or two is not needed. In addition to this many companies skip this part and also some employees are not aware of such policies or perks. There can be many reasons why floating holidays are needed.

One of the most important ones is that a company’s culture is metropolitan. People are coming from different religious backgrounds. Such types of holiday can be useful for employees who are not getting an off on their religious holiday or for whatever reason.

Maybe your organization does not celebrate such events but those employees do. A floating holiday is beneficial for such a scenario. 

The Benefits of Floating Holiday

There can be many people who ask what a floating holiday is and why it is so important for the company as well as for employees? The answer is simple and precise that it increases the moral rate of the employees. The employees build up this perspective that their organization is providing them flexibility.

On the other hand, it helps employees to create a work and life balance for them. It is the best way for employee retention for an organization. It gives an idea to the employees that your organization respects other religions. In addition to this, a floating holiday can be used if the employee is having excess work he can take a day off and complete the tasks.

It has vast benefits and keeps a healthy working environment for both employers and employees.

The Difference between Vacation and Floating Holiday

What is a floating holiday is asked by many employees? When they hear that organization also gives vacation the concept for both of them gets jumbled up. However, they are two completely different concepts.

The simple difference can be understood in a way that a vacation is earned while a floating holiday is a right for the employee. When an employee gives all his time and devotion to a company. He works day and night to fulfilling the company’s objectives. He has worked for several years now this is the time where he can demand a vacation.

This is because he has given a major part of his life to the company. On the other hand, a floating holiday is a spare time for a day or two. An employee can demand a floating holiday as soon as he joins the organization and starts working on it.

How Many Floating Holidays Will Be Given?

After asking what is a floating holiday the employees often ask how many floating holidays can be received by employees? It depends upon the company’s policies. A company makes its policies regarding the floating holidays. Furthermore, most of the companies provide two floating holidays in a year.

Some of them make this policy that employees who are hired in the first half of the specified will be receiving two holidays. On the other hand, employees that are appointed in the second half of the specified year will be earning one holiday. It shall be noted that these holidays are declared according to the company’s policy. 

Use Your Floating Holidays in Need

Most of the times this happens that employees forget to use their floating holidays. They take an off and their salary gets deducted. Keep in mind that a floating holiday is a right for an employee. To clear your head and to start working with enthusiasm again a floating holiday must be taken.

You can take it at the start of the year and also in the end. In addition to this many companies do give you an option to collect your floating holidays and use it in the preceding year. However, this is a rare case and is being observed very uncommonly. Keep this thing in your mind that a floating holiday should not be asked but should be given by your company deliberately. 

Who doesn’t Like a Day off Work?

Concluding we can say that a floating holiday is something important for an employee. It should be observed that how much your company is emphasizing such matters. It makes the employees compensate for their work and life accordingly.

Many employees leave their jobs when they are having too much burden by their organization. In reality, what they should do is to ask for a floating holiday. It keeps your mind off from the overwork schedule. Moreover, if you want an additional day off for any important event a floating holiday is the best option you can choose.